Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We need to catch-up. Sit down and stay awhile!!

How sad is it that I start a blog in 2007 and I am just now updating it. This is not a great family picture but the only one that is current. I didn't send out Christmas cards last year, so no great family pictures were taken. I am going to attached a slide show of some pictures to catch you up on our lives. We have been in So-Cal for 4 years now and we love it!! You have to love where you live or depression would soon set in. How can you beat the great weather and all the fun, awesome stuff to do here!!! Between the Beaches, Legoland, Disneyland, SeaWorld, Padre's games, swimming pools, great food, great shopping, we are never bored. We can spend way too much money enjoying all California has to offer. The sunshine tax is getting a little too high, the crazy people we call politicians in this state need to wake-up and smell the coffee, or better yet the good people of California should vote them out. Brian's job is going good. He is very busy and that is always a good thing in this economy!! He is golfing, training our crazy new puppy, a 11-year scout leader, gearing up for LaCrosse with Rylee, always on the hunt for good Sushi, taking me to Hawaii, visiting his family in Idaho, (because we leave him every summer for the month of July),playing softball and poker with the neighborhood guys. Life is Good for Brian!! Rylee, Baylee and Hadlee, have had a great time enjoying the many playgrounds of Southern California. However, they still love going home to Idaho for the summer and any other time we can get there. Brian says they would get bored if we moved back, because we never stay home and chill. We are always out finding the next great thing we haven't done here yet!!! Rylee is going to Middle School this year, Baylee is going into 4th grade and Hadlee will be starting her 1st grade year. My babies are growing up, I have mixed emotions, I can picture some free time during the day with all of them full-dayers now, but I am sad to lose that precious little time when they still think I am the coolest thing since whipped-topping in a spray can. Last but not least, I am doing good!! I kept busy last year with my kids, PTO, church, being with great friends and family. I can't imagine not going to Idaho for the summer and playing with my Mom and Dad and Sista's and brother's. Not counting all the cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles!! I can't forget the road trip back home to California, how great it has been hanging with Susan and Brian Lindsay and their Family. They make our trip home, fun... My life would not be complete without my summer trip home!!!

Catching up is always good, Thanks for reading!! Hate to see them go , but love to watch them leave. (My new favorite saying)

Love all your guts, Malisa

California Adventure Park

Rylee, Baylee and Hadlee (2008)

Tanya and Kristy and kids come to SD
for Spring break, Sunburns, Train Rides, Flower Fields,
Flee Market and Laguna Beach(March 2008)

Baylee learns the Hula Dance
in Girl Scouts (2007)

Hadlee is Student of the Month
at LaCosta Meadows (2008)

Rylee at Donnetta Hot Springs, trip home
from Idaho with Susan and Brian Lindsay
and their kids and grand kids (2008)
We even slept in one of Lindsay's Tents
(I hate tents)

Baylee chose to be baptized
and she asked Justin to do the honors.
(July 2008)
Brian turned 40.
All of our awesome neighbors and
I threw him a surprise party!! Brian and the Gang!!

All the Ladies at Brian's Birthday Bash.
We all look so Tan!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tanya is showing me how to update my blog. We chose this picture because this is why she hasn't blogged since last Oct. Hadlee would keep anybody going full time. Not to mention all the time at the beach, the swap meet, Palm Springs and did I mention quality time with her sista's. Oh, did I mention Gwen Stefani, her too. She promises to be better now that she has had a brief tutorial. So keep checking back and posting annoying messages if you never see anything new.

Monday, October 1, 2007

"Shut-up" The Searle Family has a blog

We will just see how this goes. It's not like I need one more thing to figure out on the computer. Between web-cams, scanning pictures and figuring how to attach the right emails, this should only take 2 months to get-up and running.

Love your guts,